Our professional videographers have years of experience providing the latest in video technology solutions for our clients. We provide a full range of in-house editing services including conversion/formatting, video-to-text synchronization, and designation clip creation.

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Our dedicated video services team is highly trained and experienced. Call today.

Our video department:

  • Full time staff, in-house
  • Utilizes our own equipment
  • Highly-trained staff
  • Quality Control standards
  • Available 24×7


McCorkle is a trusted and experienced company with a reputation for consistent service at the highest level of quality.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Our highly-trained team has up-to-date equipment, capable of the most demanding requirements.


Our team is available 24×7 to capture the video footage you need.

“….. made us loyal clients for life… their professionalism clearly stands apart…”
Jen Irmen, Esq.
“Thank you for the stellar service! …. the services I receive are handled by the best…”
Mark Lura, Esq.

We Know Video

Our video department provides the following services:

  • Video Editing 24×7
  • Synchronization of transcript and video
  • Multiple video file format support
  • Unique video archival service
  • Video repository
  • Realtime streaming
  • Live internet streaming of text, audio and video