The best way to have a videoconference is through one of our HD Conferencing Suites, conveniently located in our central offices or available worldwide through one of our partners.

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Our videoconferencing facilities are first-class featuring multiple large screens, high-fidelity sound and premium rooms. Service the way it should be.

Various conference size rooms are available:

  • Superior Room – For groups up to 16 people
  • Huron Room – For groups up to 12 people
  • Michigan Room – For groups up to 12 people
  • Erie Room – For smaller groups up to 6 people
  • Ontario Room – For small groups up to 4 people

Need larger? No problem! We can seat up to 30 people. Special reservation required


McCorkle is a trusted and experienced company with a reputation for consistent service at the highest level of quality.

Private and Quiet

Whether you prefer a room with a view or a secluded conference space, our attention to detail is the same. This is the place to conduct videoconferences and meetings.

Majestic Views

Our amazing videoconference rooms come with spectacular views of Chicago.

McCorkle’s faith in and support of our family law firm made us loyal clients for life…
Jen Irmen, Esq.
Thank you for the stellar service!
Mark Lura, Esq.

Premium Videoconference Facilities

Our first-class videoconference facilities feature:

  • Big screen monitors
  • Production Quality Sound
  • Safe, secure and reliable
  • Confidentiality
  • Secure and encrypted transmission
  • Concierge services