Put the power of visuals to work in your next trial presentation with McCorkle’s professional support.

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Our technical team can make your trial presentation run smoothly and successfully.

McCorkle will be able to digitally present your trial documents, photos, impeachment clips, or timelines. Exhibits can be shown side by side and annotated. This can also be done via touchscreen – you will be able to annotate your documents by the touch of your hand.


McCorkle is committed to supporting and simplifying your legal services needs.

Trial Presentation Services include:

  • Courtroom set-up: Elmo, video screens, projectors, monitors for judge, witness, and attorney table
  • Digitally display exhibits, photographs, and timelines. Compare images side-by-side
  • Synchronized video and text
  • Impeachment clips
  • Graphics for trial
  • Share videos online with adjusters, paralegals and co-counsel
  • Play back edited video depositions in court