Our court reporters and videographers stand ready for your deposition. We coordinate all of your deposition needs quickly and efficiently as we understand the challenges of complex high-stakes litigation.
With over 70 years of litigation experience, we are uniquely qualified to handle any deposition matter in any location, no matter how remote or complex.

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We have your entire legal team covered.

  • High-quality Court Reporters
  • Expert Realtime Transcription
  • Local and Global Deposition Coverage
  • Seamless Support for Remote Depositions
  • Dedicated Case Management Team


Our highly-skilled court reporters ensure that each deposition goes smoothly and is of the highest quality each and every time, no matter where in the world.


We can help your entire legal team save time while reducing costs associated with depositions.


Using the leading technologies at McCorkle, your team can attend depositions remotely, receive immediate digital transcripts and videos from depositions, share exhibits electronically—and more.

Virtual depositions save on travel expenses by letting legal teams remotely participate in depositions and other key meetings. Backed by incredible customer service, our suite of virtual deposition technologies makes meetings exponentially more convenient.

Virtual deposition services include:

  • Realtime Video Streaming
  • Videoconferencing
  • Electronic Exhibits
  • Realtime Transcript Streaming